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Creativity Club – Al-Karak

Creativity Club - Karak is a civil society organization dedicated to talented and creative people from an early age. CCK supports to children from the age of five years and above in all forms of artistic creation (filmmaking, art, photography , theater, music ...) , scientific innovations (creativity Young innovators, robotics, electronics, fun science, mathematics and chess ...) ,Literary creativity, basic life skills and community service. The club also offers the opportunity to those who believe that they are not creative and did not discover their talents by their parents or school and didn’t have the chance to unlock their potential. The Creativity Club has been recognized by the local and the international community. The club won international awards and fellowships from prestigious organizations in the world. Local and international articles have highlighted the pioneering role of the club, which has made a qualitative and positive change in the community by supporting more than ten thousand young men and women

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starict, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, media, women empowerment, iot

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articlenon-for profit

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